What are people saying about Zone’in Programs Inc.?

Tech Talks is a fabulous resource for families to gain more balance with technology, especially when so many families are affected by tech overuse and addiction. Cris Rowan provides a wealth of information on everything from tech effects on the brain to informative resources for successful unplugging.”
Karen F. Heffler, MD

I just wanted to commend you on your initiatives ( Zone’n, Crimes of Technology, the Science of Attention & Learning) and how dynamic you are in reaching the masses to spread the word! We met in Penticton a couple of years ago and I really enjoyed your workshops. My journey has been similar to yours. I’ve been an OT in the schools for many, many years, seeing what you see (saw!), observing technology additction, witnessing tremendous inactivity and unrealistic expectations by teachers, all the while feeling overwhelmed by how huge a role OT’s play. I question daily just how effective I am in this type of job & applaud how you’ve embraced the bigger picture!!!! I really admire what you’re doing and how you’re spreading the word! I caught your interview on CBC a few weeks back. Way to go and I wish you all the best. Your messages (all of them…from sensory processing to technology overload and it’s effects on family functioning) are of such value and so needed. As an OT in the school system who’s also been through those early parenting years, THANK YOU!!”
School based OT, Penticton, BC

“We do a lot of techniques we learned from the Zone’in program, in the classroom where students use their bodies while in their desks. Basically, I’m making them haul hay or carry buckets of water, the same way children did 100 years ago. This puts them in a position to learn.”
Janice Neden, President of the Learning Assistance Teacher’s Association of B.C.

“I have to tell you that since I took part in your workshop at Alpha Secondary School a year ago, my classroom is a very different place – in a very good way! I love all of your ideas and have been sharing them with as many colleagues as will listen.”
Jennie Boulanger, Teacher in Burnaby

“I’m pleased to let you know that my agency recently purchased your Parent Teacher Kit and are thrilled with the program and products!

This is a wonderful program and we look forward to working with families and schools. The DVD is very well done and we would like to have more than one for our agency.”
Child Development Center, Ontario

“I can’t tell you how you have opened so many doors for my son in such a small amount of time! I have been trying so hard to find answers, to make sense of things for my son for almost two years, and you gave me more in 2 hours then any other professional that has been in Caleb’s life! I look forward to helping the adults in Caleb’s life, especially myself, learn more about how he experiences the world and what we can do to help him….thank-you again for caring so much about the kids!”
Kari Bepple, Parent

“Materials included in the kit are of excellent quality and manufacture. Especially bright colours and finish is eye pleasing in the Move’in cards. Students responded positively and immediately to the upbeat clear tones in the music. Students made statements like, ‘I like that music it sounds fun!’”
Claude Kennedy, Pender Islands School, BC, Grade 2/3

“Cris has taken complex neurobiological processes and made them practical for students and teachers alike. Zone’in is a first step in teaching all children self awareness and self control and the power of physical activity to keep young minds “learning and listening”. Her methods are fun and easy to implement throughout the school day. I see positive improvements in work production in the classrooms I am in.”
Diane Graham, OT KidsCan Therapy Services Kelowna, BC

“The DVD is well made and scenes depicting “regular” type students – goofy and intent – made for a realism that captivated their attention. I valued the clear review of the materials to be used in the DVD script. I was able to use the DVD for group assessment and the introduction of materials when working with my class. I perceived that the game board and materials would be most effective when used by small cooperative groups after the students were familiar with the materials and had learned the appropriate review practices.”
Claude Kennedy, Pender Islands School, BC, Grade 2/3

“Being something new and out of the ordinary, I was skeptical at first. I didn’t believe it would work. But now I SO want to introduce this right away next September. Zone’in does work and really helps with transitions. For certain students I notice increased work production. It’s great for kids to see the teacher participate in it too.
It’s great for kids to see the teacher participate in it too.”
Ms. Sarah Braund, St . Joseph Elementary School, Kelowna, BC

“My husband and I attended a Zone’in and Learn workshop in Chilliwack for our February Pro-D. Our daughter has a motor coordination disability as well as difficulties with sensory integration. She has just started school, she is in Kindergarten, and we have been researching strategies to help her function and be successful in a classroom setting. We were so impressed by Cris and her presentation. We are meeting with my daughter’s team of teachers and I will be sharing the information from the workshop with them (with the hope that the school will purchase the program). Thank you, Cris for helping these wonderful little people to realize their true potential!”
Michelle Reilly, Parent

“I think the Zone’in program is wonderful as it helps students to learn to self-monitor. Once learned, it is a strategy they can take with them and use in any classroom even if their next classroom isn’t using the program. That’s the part I love the most!”
Teacher, Kelowna, BC

“After running the Zone’in program at our school, we could not believe how much more focused and ready to learn the students were!

The Move’in program proved to be an incredibly successful and easy to use assessment tool for the teacher, as well as being fun for the students.”
Terry Milos, Resource Teacher Madeira Park Elementary

“Thanks, Amy, and thank-you Cris – for putting us in the ZONE! My son (eleven years old with autism) has watched the videos, and practiced his Zone-In techniques, and is thrilled to be in charge of his own zones! I am meeting with his school next week to see it can be introduced into the classroom. I plan to endorse the effectiveness of this kit where-ever, when-ever I can – I think it is one of the most valuable and resourceful programs that I have seen in a long time. With your permission, I would like to include the information in our center’s Autism Handout Package.”
Terri Nakayama, Parent

“I’ve worked with Cris Rowan for 8 years while we were both with the Sunshine Coast School District, and found Cris’s enthusiasm and knowledge exemplary! These programs she’s designed, Zone’in and Move’in, had their inception in our district years ago, and her concepts worked incredibly successfully for many of our kids. Cris has a deep understanding of how to support success with a diverse population of students. I think the reason Cris’s programs are so successful, is that she believes in the power of children, and that they will succeed if they only know what they need to do. Children get this essential knowledge in both Zone’in and Move’in programs, and I highly recommend them for all elementary children.”
Madeline Price, Special Education Consultant for the First Nations Education Steering Committee