Tech Talks for Families

Designed to help families better manage balance between technology and healthy living. Series of ten 30 minute webinar sessions watched by whole family over the course of ten weeks. Webinars are followed by 30 minutes of family homework which details progressive strategies to redesign lifestyles for health. Includes the Tech Tool Kit, and 3 day ‘tech unplug’.

The Tech Talks webinars comes in three parts.

Part 1   Exploration

Goals: recognize impact of recent rise in technology use on child and family; identify four critical factors to optimize child development, learning and behavior; decide on two initiatives to enhance movement, nature, touch, and human connection.

Session 1 Virtual Child – Tech Trends and Statistics:

Review trends toward escalating use of technology by children. Technology usage statistics. Introduction to Tech Talk series.

Session 2 Play Deficit – Movement and Nature

Impact of sedentary and nature deficit lifestyle on child development, behavior, and attention/learning; obesity/diabetes, sleep deprivation, developmental delay.

Session 3 Tech Neglect – Touch and Human Connection

Profile touch deprivation and attachment disorders diagnosed as mental illness; create structured family reconnection plan.

Part 2   Preparation

Goals: review research on impact of technology on four domains of human function: physical, social, mental and cognitive; identify family issues related to technology overuse; enact counteractive measures.

Session 4 Tech Fat – Brain/Body Development

Knowledge regarding technology impact on body and brain development.

Session 5 All Alone – Social Development

Speech delays, establishing self-identity, social networking, video games, pornography

Session 6 Tech Crack – Mental Development

Identify causal factors for technology addiction. Quantify level and type of technology addictions.

Session 7 Learning Paradox – Cognitive Development

Determine productivity parameters; educational technology risks/benefits, strategize and plan for content/duration of educational technology use.

Part 3  Management

Goals: review technology reduction and management strategies and customize for family; identify long term goals and supports; enact technology maintenance procedures; measure functional outcomes of Tech Talks webinar.

Session 8 Creating Balance – Tech Reduction

Determine technology usage plan and complete technology schedule. Enact family designed technology management strategies.

Session 9 Digital Detox – Tech Unplug

Identify supports and rewards. Refine technology tracking tools and methods. Customize Technology Unplug Protocol.

Session 10 The Future – Tech Maintenance

Determine long term technology usage goals and maintenance strategies.

Be a leader in the field of addressing the impact of technology on child development and learning, and give your children the edge they need to succeed.

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Tech Talk for Families Reviews

"Arm yourselves with the knowledge that is essential to all families in the 21st century for healthful decision making in regards to the use of screen-based technology. The steps in this webinar are sequentially laid in a progression that allows for a full understanding of unbiased research to prepare your family for a technology use plan that tailors to its own needs and desires. Cris Rowan provides detailed examples of four initiatives so vital for our children's overall health that also bring the family together in ways long forgotten and yet desperately needed for the modern child. This series has all the tools to bring a smile to your soul and a reconnection with your loved ones that you never thought possible...all through the power of the unplug!"

Lori Frome M.Ed.
Early interventionist/Elementary Educator

"For me the most interesting part was the resources, my husband and I are reading “Spark” now! I also like the family cookie night, allowing your son to make dinner and invite his friends over, and emphasis on children being an active part in chores, all great ideas. I can’t say enough positive about the webinars!"

Concerned Parents

"Fantastic webinar! Information was detailed and informative. Our family has the rule of no TV until children in bed, but we both have been using our cell phones. Tech Talks taught us how to make time and location “no tech” zones to better our interactions with our 2 year old. We would definitely recommend Tech Talks to other families, as we routinely see babies in front of TV’s and teenagers constantly on their phones. This information will be helpful for years to come as our child grows and we grow as a family!"

Thank you Cris!