All Zone’in products are

  • Kid-driven and easy to use, with no paper, prep or training required!
  • Re-useable, all-inclusive kits come in school and home versions
  • Are designed by a pediatric occupational therapist

Zone’in improves sensory processing!

  • a self regulation program to harness energy to learn
  • based on sensory integration theory
  • grades K-6
  • sensory and motor tools and techniques
  • designed by kids for kids
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Move’in improves printing and reading!

  • a printing assessment and intervention in the form of a game
  • based on fine motor development theory
  • grades K-3
  • computer program makes customized worksheets
  • database for education planning
  • ensures literacy for every child!
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Unplug’in builds confidence!

  • develops performance skills necessary for ‘unplugging’ from technology
  • derived from occupational therapy theory
  • ages 5-12 years
  • addresses TV, videogame, and other technology addictions in children
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