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Tech Talks for Families Rediscover what it means to be a family.

Tech Talks for Families - Technology has stolen what it means to be a family. Time spent in meaningful activity and connection have gone by the wayside in favor of screens. Sedentary, isolated, neglected and overstimulated, many family members are struggling to survive. Tech Talks webinars take families on a journey of exploration, discovery and transformation by providing tools to manage balance between technology and healthy activity.

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Tech Talks for Therapists Learn to identify and treat tech overuse.

Tech Talks for Therapists - Family living today is fraught with numerous challenges. Stressed, busy and disconnected, questions now arise regarding the negative impact of technology on family life. Tech Talks webinars provide professionals with research evidenced information on the impact of technology in four domains: physical, mental, social, and cognitive, and provide a variety of tools and techniques for therapists to guide families toward improved technology management.

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Children & Media App Created for you as a parent.

Children & Media App - Many parents are worried about their kids‘ computer time. Too much time in front of a computer creates a lack of development in different areas. Social, physical and empathetic behaviours can be undeveloped, resulting in major consequences later on for the child. The app Children & Media is designed as a parental guide. With more understanding of cause and effect, families can work toward better relations.

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All products are designed by Pediatric Occupational Therapist Cris Rowan, are kid-driven, and come in home, clinic or school versions.

Zone'in improves sensory processing and attention.

Zone'in Program teaches children how to regulate energy to improve attention, learning and behaviour. Zone'in contains DVD, Zone-O-Meters, posters, and a variety of sensory and motor tools and techniques that help children first learn to Know Their Zone, and then Tone Their Zone to attain optimal body energy states for self-regulation, attention and learning for grades K-6. Zone'in makes parents and teachers jobs easier, as learning becomes more accessible for all students.

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Move'in ensures every child is literate!

Move'in Program is a two part school, clinic, or home intervention. A fun board game assesses 14 fine motor skill components required for printing and reading, and provides individualized interventions to optimize student literacy for grades K-3. Move'in also comes with easy-to-use software program with progress tracking database called Play'in the Lines, which ensures proper motor planning for letter and number production, as well as printable customized journal and worksheets.

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Unplug'in builds skill and confidence

Unplug'in Program helps children to identify interests, develop skills, and gain confidence in alternate activities to technology. Travelling through the Me, We, Earth and Spirit dimensions, children are challenged to perform a variety of physical, social, and mental tasks which build performance skill, empowering children to confidently reduce their use of technologies. Unplug`in brings imagination and creativity back into children's lives, and helps families to disconnect from technology and reconnect with each other.

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Live'in helps balance technology with healthy living

Live'in Resource Guide helps parents, teachers and community groups manage balance between critical factors for child development, learning and behaviour with technology use. The Live'in Resource Guide contains information and curriculum programming including the Zone'in Research Fact Sheet, Technology Topics for Discussion, Technology Addiction Questionnaire, the Survivor Unplugged Challenge, Ten Steps to `Unplug' Your Kids, Alternate Activities to Technology, the Technology Diet and the Technology Schedule and much, much more!

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Virtual Child - The terrifying truth about what technology is doing to children

Virtual Child is written by pediatric occupational therapist and child development expert Cris Rowan and reviews research on the impact of technology on child physical, mental, social and academic domains. Virtual Child is designed for primarily as a text book to guide education and health professionals regarding safe technology usage, and contains numerous team based strategies to assist parents, researchers, government, and technology production corporations in better managing balance between technology use and healthy activity.

Now available in:

Chinese                        Spanish-Kindle

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Tech Tool Kit For professionals and parents

The Tech Tool Kit is designed by a pediatric occupational therapist, has everything professionals need to screen and provide up to date interventions for technology overuse and addiction by children and families. Contains easy to use `tear off' sheets for parents, which include a variety of Tech Tools (screens, guidelines), Tech Info (informational brochures, Fact Sheets), and Tech Action (schedules, diets, Rx) handouts. Each package services 50 clients, and is designed for children ages 0-18 years.

Now available in Parent Kits containing one of all of the components

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Unplug'in Brochures

Provides parents, teachers and health professionals with useful information and techniques to address TV, videogame, internet, and cell phone addictions in pre-school and elementary aged children.

RX Pad

For education and health professionals to hand out to parents of children with behavior difficulties as an alternative to recommending medication.

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